Here’s Anna and Will’s lovely intimate wedding at Tunbridge Wells Register Office, followed by some portraits and a drink at Hotel du Vin, Tunbridge Wells.

If you’re getting married – no matter how big or small your wedding – do please contact me. For smaller weddings, I will always prepare a bespoke quote.

They say good things come in small packages (well, that’s what I like to kid myself, anyway) and that can be said for this wedding. I’m used to covering a wide range of guest numbers, from 20 – 300. This however, was comfortably the most intimate I’ve done in all my time as a wedding photographer. The guest list consisted of Anna, Will, Will’s Aunt Annie, and me. This was the first time I’ve been a witness as well as the photographer! I must admit my slight worry was that it’s quite difficult to blend in when there’s only 3 people to photograph – but the guys did a great job of just ignoring me and enjoying the moment!

The day started at The Mansion House in Tunbridge Wells on a quiet Wednesday morning. I’d met just met Annie and, introductions out of the way, Anna and Will arrived from Hotel du Vin where they’d stayed overnight. While the guys chatted in the waiting room, I captured the scene and the details.

Once the interviews were finished, we made our way through into the Registrars Office, for the quick ceremony. The ceremony itself was intimate but also great fun as we all (Registrars included) had a bit of a laugh as the ceremony had a lovely relaxed feeling.

Once the wedding was completed, it was on to the formalities of the register – I had to have a quick practice of my signature as I hardly write a thing these days!

We then made our way to Hotel du Vin in Tunbridge Wells, which was having a little bit of repair work done to the sash windows – the workmen looked interested in proceedings as we made our way in!

Once inside, While Will’s Aunt relaxed with a glass of champagne, we captured a few portraits in the Havana Room, before making our way outside for a few more.

Annie then joined us for my kind of group shot list – one group, followed by a quick confetti shot!

Back inside, the guys enjoyed their champagne while I captured a few more candid photographs before it was time for me to leave them to it!

Congratulations to Anna and Will – and thanks for having me along as 1/4 of your wedding guest list!

All images copyright David Burke Photography 2017