The FAQ’s

Some answers to common questions 

The FAQ’s


Here are answers to the questions I’m asked most frequently – If I haven’t answered your question please get in touch.

Where do you cover?
I am a Kent wedding photographer based in Tunbridge Wells, but will cover weddings anywhere in the UK. A nominal charge may apply if the location means an overnight stay, but I would keep this to the absolute minimum. I would only charge travel expenses for weddings outside of the UK.
Are you a full-time professional photographer?
Yes. Apart from portraits, model and commercial photography, wedding photography is all I do. I’m not a ‘weekend warrior’ or ‘Uncle Bob’ who holds down another job and photographs weddings ‘for fun’ on weekends. I undertake 30 – 40 weddings a year and my weekdays are spent editing these pictures, so you won’t see me driving your local bus during the week!
How would you describe your style?
My style is mostly photojournalistic (sometimes called Reportage), where I aim to document the day in an unobtrusive a way as possible.  I will of course take some time to produce stunning pictures of the two of you as a newly-wed couple. I aim to keep group shots to a minimum (usually 8) as I find candid shots of guests enjoying themselves are a much better record of who was at your special day – and the less time photographing group shots, the more time you have to enjoy your wedding day!
What equipment do you use?

I use professional specification Sony mirrorless cameras. I also occasionally make use of hand-held video light for creative effects. 

How many pictures can we expect and who chooses them?

The number of final photographs obviously depends on the length of the wedding. I use my skills to edit the pictures down to a manageable level, removing any near duplicates by picking the ideal picture out of a series. Typical coverage of a full day will provide you with between 600-1000 final, fully edited pictures, as chosen by me.

Do you take colour and black and white pictures?
On the day, I will shoot everything in colour. When processing your wedding, I will assess each image to decide whether colour or black and white enhances the shot, then hand-process accordingly.
What preparation do you undertake prior to our wedding?
Most people probably wouldn’t realise that light is the key to making a great shot, not the location. There’s no point choosing a killer location if the midday sun is blazing down into your eyes – the results will be you standing in a great location, but squinting into the sun with harsh shadows on your face.

To guard against this, I always visit venues prior to shooting at them and will do this close to the wedding date and time – this is so that the light is as we will encounter it on the day. No matter how well you know somewhere, if you last encountered it at 3pm on a dark January afternoon, the light will be different at midday in June. So that great location found last time may be completely unusable this time.

I scout the venues for locations for couple and group shots, noting the direction of light and even where the sun will rise/set.

What preparation do you undertake on the wedding day?
I always ensure I leave plenty of time in my travel schedule to allow for unforeseen travel circumstances. I always have SatNav and paper copies of directions and like to avoid motorways as A roads allow you to route around incidents more easily. If I consider the wedding is too far to travel on the day, then I will stay close to the wedding venue the night before the wedding.
How long after the wedding do we get to see our photos?
Your wedding pictures take 7 – 14 days to process. I generally aim to have galleries online within 2 weeks of your wedding, although during peak months backlogs may occur as I may have a number of weddings in a very short space of time.

Every final picture I supply to you will have been fully optimised for crop, colour, white balance, contrast and brightness. Retouching will be carried out as necessary.

The final pictures are supplied as high quality jpgs at print resolution (with reprint rights) and web resolution for use on Facebook etc. on USB.

Whats included in the price?

My base package includes

  • Pre-wedding meeting with you to discuss your plans (depending on your location, this may be over the phone although I do like to meet my couples if possible)
  • Unaccompanied venue visits at the correct time of day and year for me to assess the light and areas to use for photography (if a new venue)
  • My coverage on the day
  • All final images beautifully and creatively processed by myself, including cosmetic retouching on key images
  • All final images on USB at print quality for you to print from and at web resolution for use on Facebook/Computers
  • Some complimentary prints of my favourite images from your day.



I offer a fantastic album range which is modern, keenly priced but also hand-made with quick turnarounds – Bellissimo storybook albums. For the final word in luxury, I also offer Jorgensen Art matted albums including premium leather covers.

Guests can order prints from the online gallery at a variety of sizes and for the bride and groom I can offer framed prints with luxury frames, images on canvas or acrylic.

Whats not included and why?
My clients tend to be those who understand the value of wedding photography and that the commodity they are paying for is what my experience, creativity and time will bring to their special day. These clients tend not to be attracted by packages offering all sorts of calendars, mugs, t-shirts etc. ‘included’ in the price – you are always paying for these extras, you are just charged more up-front for them!
Are you insured?
I am fully insured for both Professional Indemnity and against Public Liability, although I always recommend that clients take out their own wedding insurance – a small one-off charge covers against unforeseen circumstances in all aspects of the most important day of your life!
We'd like to book you, what happens next?
After you’ve decided to go ahead and book, a contract detailing the exact package you’ve chosen and the terms and conditions will be hosted online by a company called Signable. Each party completes the contract and then digitally signs in turn. Once all parties have signed, everyone gets a completed copy emailed to them.

A non-refundable booking fee is required to secure the date. The balance of the payment is due one month prior to the wedding. These payments can be made by bank transfer, cash or cheque (NB for balance payments, cleared funds must be with me one month prior to the wedding).

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