Here’s my take on the absolutely stunning wedding of Regina and Rhys from back in the summer at St John The Baptist and then Penshurst Place in Kent This one had everything; rain, a change of dress, cigars, confetti cannons and fireworks to name a few things!

As usual, you can watch a slideshow of images or read on for further info on their amazing day.

Bridal Prep

I started the (very rainy!) day with Regina, her bridesmaids and parents at the Leicester Arms in the quaint little Kent village of Penshurst. St John The Baptist is a 50m walk from the pub and then Penshurst Place is 2 minutes further on. All great walks in the sun, not so great in the pouring rain so I was praying the weather cleared up a bit!

Regina was going to change dresses for the evening reception so there were lots of great details to photograph. After that, it was, as usual, telling the story of the day – Regina doing her own makeup, the bridesmaids making up some bouquets and the general excitement and build up. As you can see, despite the weather, smiles were still the order of the day!


As soon as Regina was in her dress, I headed over to St John’s to join Rhys, the boys and Neil who was second shooting for me. Although guest numbers were unrestricted, we still had some Covid restrictions so Regina and Rhys provided face shields for every guest so we could at least see those lovely smiling faces!

After getting guest candids it was time to head back out into the rain, just in time to catch Regina and the bridal party making their way over to the ceremony under umbrellas. A quick couple of portraits and groups under the cover, then time for the walk up the path into the ceremony.

After the lovely service in the stunning church, it was back out – into the rain! We hastily organised a confetti line up the path towards Penshurst Place for the happy couple to walk through.


Regina and Rhys braved the elements on the walk to Penshurst Place using the footpath, followed by some of the hardier members of their wedding. The newlyweds then greeted guests under cover, before moving on into the newest element of Penshurst Place – their amazing new Capri tent! This really was a fantastic addition and I loved the juxtaposition of the new, modern lines against the old of Penshurst.

After photographing guests and some of the details, I took the happy couple for some indoor portraits using the natural light from a staircase. We noticed the rain had then eased off and the guys were happy to get out and about for some couples pictures in the extensive grounds. Special thanks to Regina for being so cool about getting her dress wet Рbut I suppose knowing you have another one for the evening  helps a little bit.

Wedding breakfast

Once we’d done the couples portraits, it was time for those few important group shots before everyone made their way up to the Sunderland Room for the wedding breakfast. There were a couple of nods to the heritage of both the bride and groom – A welsh love spoon for Rhys, and the vodka was soon flowing for Regina’s family.

Once the breakfast was complete, it was on to the speeches with loads of touching and hilarious moments in equal measure!

Evening Reception

Regina headed off to get changed into her evening (dry!) dress before it was time to cut the cake in the Baron’s Hall, followed by a first dance out back in the Capri tent. Regina wanted some portraits in her second dress so as the light was going quickly, we headed back out to find some more spots in the incredible garden at Penshurst!

Then back into the Capri tent for more dancing as the party had started! Guests started to gravitate to the front of Penshurst for some evening food from the pizza van. It’s fair to say a second party had started out the front, where the bride enjoyed a cigar, before confetti canons were produced as a surprise, so I had to be quick to set up and get it!!

There was also another surprise being set up – Regina had organised surprise fireworks for Rhys and the guests. At this point, I was a bit stuck as I needed to set up ready to capture the fireworks, but had told Rhys we were leaving so as not to spoil the surprise – however, he steadfastly refused to leave the front party (and why not!) as he was having too good a time. I managed to get Regina to drag him back to the dancefloor and we got set up (by the skin of our teeth, it must be said!!) for the fireworks!

What an amazing wedding with so many elements to it, but what a day! Congratulations once again to Regina and Rhys!

All Photographs copyright David Burke 2021