Part 2 of Sam and Dal’s wedding at The Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells. I love covering Spa Hotel weddings, and this one was no exception!

In the pre-wedding meetings, Sam and Dal let me in on a secret Рthey were going to dance down the aisle, Bhangra style! The whole bridal party were going to dance although they thought it would be better to spring the surprise as close to the time as possible Рsomething I agreed on if I had had to do it!!

So after the Milni, Dal left the ceremony room. Dramatic music prompted his slow, deliberate entrance to the room, and then the beat kicked in! The congregation went wild as soon as they realised what was happening as Dal, then the best man, then alternate ushers and bridesmaids danced (very well, it has to be said) down the aisle!










The bride danced halfway down the aisle to meet her father who then walked her the rest of the way – this signified the start of the formal ceremony.







In the next blog post, we’ll see candid guest shots and bridal portraits taken whilst Dal changed out of his traditional dress and shaved his beard! Later posts will include speeches, Bangra dancing, the first dance and all the guests on the dancefloor!

All photographs copyright David Burke Photography 2010