Apologies for the lack of blog updates, it’s been a super-busy summer of lovely weddings! So let’s go back to May, for Mia and Dan’s Cooling Castle wedding.

I love photographing at Cooling Castle – a fantastic venue that combines running a wedding like a well-oiled machine with those lovely personal touches. It’s great when everything’s in one place – the bride and groom get ready at the venue and the ceremony and reception are held at the same place so I can minimise travel. This means extra time for candid photography, and also that the bride and groom can maximise time with their guests so they can enjoy their day. So it was great to start the day at Cooling for bridal preparations with Mia and all the girls (in their floral-themed matching dressing gowns) just as Mia was starting her makeup. Interspersed with candids and makeup shots, I captured all the little detail shots while the girls got ready in the gorgeous room at Cooling Castle.

During a suitable break in proceedings, I nipped along to the boys room for some quick groom prep shots – Dan was already fully ready and it’s fair to say, a bit nervous! So as he paced between rooms, I captured the other boys getting ready, before we all headed out for some groom and groomsmen shots at the front of the castle.

Then it was time to head back to capture the doing up of the back of the dress, bridesmaids gifts and then Mia’s dad seeing her in her stunning fishtail dress (I do like a dress with a bit of shape!) before the walk down to be interviewed by the registrar.

In all my time photographing at Cooling Castle, this was the first outdoor ceremony I’d ever captured. The weather was looking a little bit dodgy for later on, so it was great to be able to have the outdoor ceremony for once! A fantastic touch was the pageboy’s entrance in the cart built by one of the dad’s – so cute!

After the lovely service, I took Mia and Dan off for a few quick portraits, before they headed back to enjoy the sunshine with their guests, a drink, canapes and a few spins of the roulette wheel – coming soon in part 2!

For now, here are some of my favourite wedding photographs from the first part of Mia and Dan’s Cooling Castle wedding – hope you enjoy!

If you’re having a Cooling Castle Wedding and would like to enquire about photography, please contact me to discuss your wedding day!

Additional photography by Tash Lowther

cooling castle

wedding details at cooling

bride with mum

stunning bride in makeup

happy bridesmaid

mirror shot of bride at cooling

bridesmaid looking at kids bowtie

girls getting ready for wedding at cooling castle barns

bridesmaid in floral headdress

bridesmaids gift

bestman getting ready at cooling castle barns

groomsmen getting ready

groom prep at cooling

wedding guest at cooling castle

cool groom at cooling castle

boys in front of cooling castle

cool groomsmen at cooling castle

cooling castle wedding bridal prep

dad sees his daughter

bride at cooling castle

cooling castle barns outdoor ceremony

baby at wedding

cool gran at wedding

bridesmaids entrance cooling castle

outdoor ceremony cooling castle

stunning bride with her dad at cooling castle

cool groom cooling castle

ring exchange at cooling castle

cool father of the bride

matching groomsmens socks

bubbles exit at cooling castle barns

outdoor ceremony exit at cooling castle

bride with her gran

bridesmaid and baby

guest with groom

cool kid at cooling castle wedding

bride and groom inside cooling castle barns

bride and groom at cooling castle barns

Cooling Castle stunning wedding

bride and groom in front of cooling castle barns

All photographs copyright Kent Wedding Photographer David Burke Photography 2016