Here’s the first part of Lauren and Paul’s amazing wedding from September. This wedding had it all – a stunning couple, their beautiful little baby daughter as a flowergirl (angel wings and cart entrance to the service make an appearance), loads of other cute kids in the bridal party, a stunning church and an equally stunning venue (Oxonhoath in Kent), a surprise dove release, an even more surprise balloon release…so much great stuff I’ve split the blog post in two – so here’s the first part…

If you’re getting married at either St Peter & St Paul’s church or Oxonhoath, do please get in touch to discuss your wedding photography.

I must admit, after booking Lauren and Paul’s wedding, I’d forgotten all about how they had found me. It was only when one of my photography friends walked through the front door during bridal prep that the penny dropped (after a few bemused seconds). Lauren’s brother-in-law-to-be, Steve is an amazing documentary wedding photographer. In a way it was kind of good that I’d forgotten, it eased the pressure during the build up! I’m used to ‘uncle Bob’s’ and wannabe photographers watching me closely (‘why’s he got the sun behind then, that’s the wrong way’ – sigh) but it’s a whole new level of pressure when you know a seasoned pro is amongst the crowd. It’s interesting to see how other people work and I knew Steve would just be enjoying the day with his family – so I got stuck in, which wasn’t hard!

So much cuteness going on under one roof at Lauren’s parents house – Lauren and Paul’s daughter, plus Steve’s two daughters were flowergirls, so there were loads of girlie getting ready moments, interspersed with kids playing with balloons, plus things getting a bit more rough and tumble when the pageboys arrived!

After documenting all the details (including some amazing floral tiny cute flowergirl dresses) I moved onto the hair and makeup, then the dress going on, before I dashed off to the church of St Peter & St Paul’s in Tonbridge, Kent, to meet up with Paul and the boys.

Once I arrived at the church it was time for some quick portraits of the groom and groomsmen and some guest candids, before it was time to wait for the mother of the bride and all those kids. The easiest way to get them all to the service was a bus, so the guys did it in style with a vintage bus!

I’d wondered how Lauren & Paul’s daughter was going to go up the long aisle (as she wasn’t quite yet at the walking that sort of distance stage) – so, in a first for me, she was pulled along in a cart by one of the other flowergirls! This was such a cute moment and a surprise for Paul and the guests, who all loved it!

After the service and signing of the registers, Lauren and Paul made their way outside to greet their guests, before they jumped into their vintage Rolls Royce (and their entourage back onto the bus) for the short journey to Oxonhoath for their reception.

Come back soon for part 2 – bride and groom portraits, a dove release, speeches, a balloon release, magician, and (as expected with so many dancers in attendance) some awesome moves on the dancefloor!

All images copyright David Burke Photography 2015