Here’s the first part of Laura & Asa’s wedding from back in February. Like Sam & James’s wedding a week before it was still, well, a bit on the breezy side, and we did in fact lose the veil at one point!

Laura and Asa were married at St Thomas The Apostle in Groombridge, followed by a reception at The Plough in Leigh (pronounced ‘Lie’ rather than ‘Lee’ for those of you who aren’t from around these parts!) As usual, I started photographing at bridal preps – Laura’s parents house. I joined Laura’s dad at the house and started photographing the beautiful details while I waited for all the ladies to arrive back from the hairdressers. Unlike a lot of times when brides go to get their hair and makeup done (rather than have hair and makeup to the house), they were actually back in plenty of time, which is always a relief!

we all kept a nervous eye on the weather, which was dry but a bit ‘blustery’ – luckily, all the decorations on Laura’s dad’s van stayed put despite the conditions. Laura’s dad was going to drive her to the ceremony in his work van so he’d put a lot of effort in decorating it – a lovely, personal touch I thought!

I documented the general milling around and final preparations and then let everyone get changed – the bridesmaids into their stunning blue dresses, complete with delicate lace and bead detailing around the neckline – before I joined Laura and her mum for the final few buttons on the back of her dress. The bridesmaids were suitably impressed at how stunning Laura looked in her dress!

I left bridal preparations and made my way to the lovely church of St Thomas The Apostle in Groombridge and joined Tash, who was assisting me for the church and drinks reception at The Plough. I quickly took Asa and the boys round to the back of the church for some shots by a lovely old door, which also happened to be perhaps the only spot outside which was sheltered from the gale-force winds! We quickly made our way inside to document the guest arrivals, before I had to go out and brave the wind and wait for Laura’s arrival.

As sometimes happens, travel plan can go a bit awry and we were missing quite a few guests due to a hold up on the motorway, so Laura was hastily waved round to do another loop until the congregation was fully assembled.

On her second pass, Laura was allowed to stop and was helped out of the van and quickly up the church path (holding on very tightly to the veil) and into the service. Due to space at the front, I shot the bridal entrance from the front, then made my way to the rear, and then up into the balcony to join Tash to photograph the service.

After the formalities of the register, Laura and Asa made their way to the back of the church, but due to the weather conditions we stayed inside and quickly completed the group shots (quite handy doing it this way, as no-one can wander off to the bar!).

Laura was up for braving the elements, so I took the bride and groom back round to the sheltered door for some quick outdoor couples photographs, whilst a confetti line was arranged. We knew the confetti was going to be potentially hit-and-miss in the wind, but luckily we did get enough going in the right direction to get the shot as the bride and groom swept through and straight into the lovely white Range Rover that Asa had organised. Everyone waved as they headed off to the Plough, which will be covered in part 2 of their day, coming soon!

In the meantime, here are my favourites from the first part of their wedding day – hope you enjoy!

If you’re getting married at either St Thomas The Apostle or The Plough, Leigh, then please get in touch to discuss your wedding photography.

bridal details

bride checking hair

bride looking at dads decorated work van

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bride showing bridesmaids her dress

bride getting her shoes ready

bridesmaids dress detail

bridesmaids getting ready

bridesmaids looking at bouquets

doing up brides dress

bridesmaids seeing bride for the first time

st Thomas the apostle groombridge

groom portrait

groomsmen at groombridge wedding

grandfather having button hole put on

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bride arriving in her dads work van

bride arriving st thomas groombridge

bridal entrance st thomas groombridge

bride and groom in service

bridesmaids during wedding

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wedding st thomas groombridge

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granny admiring brides dress

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bride and groom portrait st thomas groombridge

bride and groom st thomas groombridge wedding photography

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bride and groom leaving st thomas groombridge

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