A day of three firsts – two lovely youngsters making their First Holy Communion, and a first for me as I’d never covered one before!

As a catholic myself, I vaguely remember back *ahem* 35 or so years to making my own First Holy Communion. The principles are the same, although the gifts have moved on somewhat (from a rosary and a white padded prayer book) as has the preparation on clothing and hair etc.!

I started the day by joining all the family who’d all gathered at Isobelle and Connor’s grandparents house for the celebration – documenting the hustle and bustle, the kids running round excitedly, followed by a few group shots and portraits in the lovely garden.

Isobelle and Connor’s mum and dad had wanted the family priest to conduct the service at their local church. Unfortunately, he’d recently been moved by the church to become the priest at a convent a little drive away, but undeterred, he welcomed everyone (as did the nuns, who made the butterfly decorations and gifts for the kids) to the Visitation Convent. This also meant that rather than having one service for lots of kids all making their First Holy Communion in one mass, Isobelle and Connor had the whole mass just for the two of them.

Here are some of my favourites from their day!

boy having hair done

girl in communion dress

girl in communion dress

first holy communion cake

girl in communion dress

fhc (6)

fhc (7)

boy with engraved watch

first holy communion gift

dad helps boy with pocket watch

first holy communion gift

engraved silver first holy communion box

kid with toy gun

granny at kitchen table

boy in suit

boy and girl first holy communion

girl first holy communion

kids on lawn

family at first holy communion

vistation convent sign

patmos chapel details

butterfly decorations

granny in chapel

body of christ wafer

kid with banana

priest directing traffic

girl being carried first communion dress

practicing receiving first holy communion


kid arriving

moody child

first holy communion guests

first holy communion guests

mum with kids first holy communion

mum and daughter first holy communion

kids in first holy communion

first holy communion procession


mum and daughter holding hands

prayer book

boy with pocket watch

priest with host


boy praying

first holy communion certificate


first holy communion gift

first holy communion group shot


visitation convent

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