Holly and Paul were my first ‘Covid’ wedding of 2020. These guys were simply amazing in the way they handled the situation and uncertainty – the wedding date and format changed about 20 times but the guys just were so determined to have their day – in whatever format it was going to be – and celebrate their love for each other.

So when the day finally, finally arrived, it was fantastic to be there with them and document it in photographs. Photography is always about capturing a moment, a slice of history – and I guess the small number of weddings documented in 2020 will be a snapshot of what we went through!

Thanks to Holly and Paul, their friends and family and the amazing staff and management at Eastwell Manor for the sensible way the day was handled – a Covid-secure approach but with as little disruption as possible and great social distancing ensured the day went without a hitch!

Here’s Holly & Paul’s day set to music, or you can read on and see a smaller selection of their wedding photography.

Bridal Prep

Great to have everything in one place so I started the day shooting the details and then joining Holly (masked up, of course!) for bridal prep. Once I’d documented the lovely details I set about telling the story of the morning. Due to the rules at the time Holly had to do her own makeup (but was allowed a hairdresser!) but with the light from the mirror it made for some great shots!


All too soon it was time to head downstairs and join Paul and the socially distanced guests for the ceremony. Due to the restrictions a few things were different, but once again everyone handled them well and the Registrars were great so the ceremony wasn’t impacted too much.


After the ceremony, the guests welcomed the newly weds down a socially distanced confetti line, before a quick full group shot. We then made our way round to the outdoor ceremony area for drinks, socially distanced group shots, outdoor speeches and an outdoor cake cut.

After the cake, I took Holly and Paul off for some quick portraits around the stunning grounds of Eastwell Manor.

Meal & Evening

Soon it was time for the guests to make their way inside for some food, before we came back outside for drinks on the terrace and the guests enjoyed the lovely evening sunshine and a wander around the grounds. After a surprise(!) card opening, I took Holly and Paul of for one or two final portraits (or so I, and they thought) before it was time for me to leave.

I’m a sucker for a sunset though, and while packing my gear away in the car, saw one final opportunity for a portrait or two. Holly and Paul were a bit surprised to see me again, but gamely agreed for a final 5 minutes in the sunshine, which I’m sure they feel was worth it as we got some amazing shots.

Congratulations again to Holly and Paul; thanks for your patience, keeping me in the loop with everything, and never losing hope that you’d have your day somehow, someway!


All photographs copyright David Burke Photography 2020.