Here’s part two of Gemma and Dan’s emotional wedding day at Chilston Park.

If you haven’t read part 1 of this wedding, it was a fantastic day but full of emotion. Ed, Dan’s bestman, tragically passed away just prior to the wedding. Ed’s fiance Immy bravely stepped in to take on the roll of ‘best woman’ and did a fantastic job under what must have been extremely sad circumstances.

Gemma and Dan were married at the church of St Nicholas in the tiny hamlet of Boughton Malherbe, just a minute or so’s drive from Chilston Park. After a beautiful service, bride and groom made their way back to Chilston for reception drinks and canapes. After the group shots, we took some time for bride and groom portraits inside the house, before it was time for the wedding breakfast, which was held in the Old Stables.

Once everyone had eaten, it was onto the speeches. There were some great laugh-out-loud moments, including a gift giving which the ushers seemed to really get into. There was also some very poignant moments in Dan’s speech. Ed had started working on his best man’s speech prior to passing away, so Dan read out what he’d written so far. It’s true to say there wasn’t a dry eye in the house – including me – as Dan also paid tribute to Ed. Sometimes it’s very handy having a big SLR camera pressed up against your face…..

After the speeches I took Gemma and Dan out for some portraits in the late evening sunshine, making use of the back lighting for some great flare effects.

Once the Stable block had been turned around for the evening, it was back inside for the first dance – again, Gemma and Dan’s musician friends came to the fore, as they played the first dance and then the Ceilidh. I do like photographing these, as they’re certainly different – it’s quite a challenge usually through, as space is tight and people are flying about all over the place – think I managed it though with the help of a chair after I’d braved getting in amongst the action!

Congratulations once again to Gemma and Dan – here are some of my favourites from the last part of their day!

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