As a leading Kent wedding photographer, I was honoured to be asked to guest write an article for find your dream wedding dress, a new website which aims to allow brides to see stunning designer gowns all in one place from the UK’s top wedding dress designers.

The article was intended to give brides an idea on choosing your wedding photographer – after all, there are now literally tens-of-thousands of photographers out there, all with differing styles, prices, personalities and experience levels, so picking one to capture your big day can be a daunting process.

There are many things to consider but the most important point with photography is that it’s the ONE thing you will have as a record of your wedding day other than your memories (and mine are ‘ahem’ a little hazy due to the whisky at 1am) so it makes sense to spend as much money as you can on photography – I always find it strange that people are willing to spend countless thousands on things that are either eaten, die or are quickly forgotten about, but then scrimp on their wedding photography!

Pop on over to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress to see my article – Capturing The Dream, hopefully brides-to-be will find it informative!

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