Here’s a quick headshot for an up and coming actress, who wanted model portfolio photographs for her acting and modeling portfolio. We met up down in Portsmouth for an afternoon of shooting around the old town. We started down in the old town by a pub from my student days – the Still and West, shooting in the small cobbled streets, using the brick walls for perspective. We slowly made our way up to the ‘Hot Rocks’ as they are known locally – a fortified sea wall used in the defence of Portsmouth harbour during Napoleonic times (I think….) which has great top shade in the old gunnery emplacements and some really interesting architectural features.

This image was taken under an archway, using top shade but had light coming in from both sides to light the model. I managed to find a rubbish bin that would take my weight which allowed me to get the angle I wanted – slightly precarious though!!!

After finishing shooting on the Hot Rocks (and admiring the view from the top and wistfully remembering my student days – I miss being by the sea so much!!!) we wandered down the seafront, again looking for lines of perspective (a favourite of mine), finding some great railings and bridges!

There’ll be more photos from this shoot online soon, so please check back!

If you’re an aspiring model or actor and want some photos done, please contact me – shoots start from as little as £100 with 8 images included!

All photographs copyright David Burke Photography 2011