Whetsted Farm weddings (also known as Wise Wedding Venue) are weddings with a difference. If you’re looking for a festival, unusual or quirky themed wedding, Whetsted farm is the place for you! It’s safe to say that if you’re worried about a speck of mud on your pristine long white wedding dress, then Whetsted Farm may not be the venue for you….but if you’re an easy going, up-for-anything bride, then read on!

Whetsted Farm is also know as Wise Wedding venues, after the company that runs the venue. Whetsted farm’s main area is a large marquee in a clearing in the woods, between Tunbridge Wells and Paddock wood. The marquee itself is more like a circus top, but the main attractions are in the woods next to the marquee. The bride and groom get to stay in their own tree house, whilst guests can (carefully) climb high into another tree house, swing on old sofa swings hanging from various trees!

In the evening, the venue comes alive with funky lighting in the woods including lanterns, strings of lights and long light tubes. There are also light tubes on the lake! The guests also get to enjoy a huge log fire, which adds to the atmosphere, and can camp on-site so your party can continue well into the night! The lighting, tree houses, woods, bonfires etc. make for amazing photographic opportunities, so you’re sure to get some great quirky wedding photographs!

Here’s a link to Rebecca and Ben’s fantastic wedding for a recent sample of my work at Whetsed Farm.

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Here’s a link to the official page of Whetsted Farm

If you’re thinking of having a Whetsted Farm wedding, please contact me for more information.

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