Preston Court Weddings are a truly wonderful spectacle. Preston court is a Kent wedding venue which is very popular due to a number of factors – it has a moated Island which can host the ceremony if the weather is good. Otherwise, the ceremony can be held in the amazing old barn with its high ceilings. Perhaps the main reason why so many couples are drawn to Preston Court is the amazing carousel, which can be used by the guests and bride and groom and makes for amazing, romantic and fun wedding photography.

Set on the site of a Twelfth century palace once owned by Juliana de Leybourne, Preston Court’s seventeenth century traditional Kentish Barn can host the ceremony and reception. The grounds of Preston Court are a mixture of woodlands, with shady areas, lakes and the island, which is reached by a cute white wrought-iron bridge. Drinks are held on the lawn in front of the manor house, before guests move over to the barn for the wedding breakfast. Dancing is held in the barn in the evening, which is turned round whilst guests enjoy a final ride on the carousel. All these amazing factors make Preston Court weddings truly unique.

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Information on Preston Court weddings can be found on the Preston Court website.

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