Here’s the second part of the wedding photography from Mia & Dan’s lovely wedding at Cooling Castle Barns in Kent – here’s part one of their wedding photography if you want a look.

After photographing some quick portraits of the happy couple outside Cooling Castle, the bride and groom headed back to the reception where the guests were enjoying drinks, canapes and a few games of Blackjack and Roulette, courtesy of a casino! Great fun to photograph, luckily no real money changed hands!

We then headed into the barn to photograph the details – the barn looked stunning as always, and Mia and Dan had put so much thought and effort into the details so it was a dream to photograph.

One thing stood out in particular, which was the table plan cake – that’s right, the guests seating details were on the cake itself – I’ve never seen this before and it looked amazing! As the guests were called in, a queue formed as everyone admired the cake and then found their name – a great idea and great for me to photograph.

Once everyone had taken their seats, the bride and groom made their customary entrance to the wedding breakfast, we then all settled down for the speeches. Mia’s dad gave a cracking speech, followed by Dan, who then got a severe roasting from his best men – everyone was in hysterics!

As often happens these days at weddings (amongst the younger attendees obviously) the Jagermeister took a bit of a hammering as things became more and more lively on certain tables, so I knew we were in for some cracking dance moves later!

Unfortunately by now the weather had taken a turn for the worst, so my plans for a few more portraits after dark outside were dashed, so we settled in to photograph candids. A welcome addition at Cooling are the new twinkly lights in the bar area – what was once a very, very dark area now has a bit more light, and the lights make for lovely out of focus backgrounds.

Once the band had set up, it was time for the first dance followed by some awesome dancing from the bride and groom and their friends!

Congratulations once again to Mia and Dan. Here are some of my favourites from the last part of their wedding at Cooling Castle Barns.

If you’re getting married at Cooling Castle, please contact me to discuss your photography.

Additional photography by Tash Lowther

blackjack at wedding

wedding casino

roulette at wedding

cooling castle wedding details

cooling castle barn wedding

wedding cake with guest seating plan

guests look at wedding cake

bride and groom entrance cooling castle

father of the bride speech

embarrassed bride during speeches

bride and groom toast

grooms speech cooling castle

grooms dad laughing at speeches

bestmans speech cooling castle

embarrassed groom during speeches

end of speeches

stunning bride at cooling castle

Jagermeister at wedding

gran and great grandson

wedding toast

cutting the cake at cooling

cake cut at cooling castle

guest at cooling castle wedding

groom gets a kiss at cooling castle

first dance at cooling castle

first dance cooling

band at cooling castle

dancing bride at cooling castle barns

cooling castle wedding band

dancing groom cooling castle

boys dancing at cooling castle

lads dancing

high five at cooling

cooling castle barns interior dancing

All Photographs copyright David Burke Photography 2016