Here are some of images from what has to be one of my favourite weddings from last year – Karen and Michael’s lovely wedding at Hotel du Vin, Tunbridge Wells.

This wedding was all about two families coming together to celebrate with their parents as they all become one. All of Karen and Michael’s daughters were bridesmaids, and all the sons bestman and ushers.

As usual, I started the day at bridal preps, joining Karen and all the girls (in their matching Kimonos) in the fantastic bridal suite at Hotel du vin. Apologies for perhaps too many bridal prep photos, but in such a lovely room, surrounded by so many photographic opportunities (including babies!) it was difficult to cut it down! There was such a lovely family atmosphere and it was all very artistic – one of the girls had done some watercolours of Karen and Michael’s new marital home, while another was doing Karen’s makeup (and unfortunately didn’t get to show of her other skill of fire eating/juggling later in the evening due to health and safety – shame!) and one of the boys had made the wedding cake.

In a break in proceedings, I headed down to photograph the Ruinart room which looked amazing, not least due to the fantastic flowers and candelabras from Nancy at Blooming Perfect Flower design. I then met up with Michael, Karen’s dad and the boys who were having a quick stiff drink before the ceremony.

Back up to the girls for Karen’s dress to go on, then we were joined by Karen’s dad, who looked suitably impressed and emotional at the sight of his beautiful daughter! The bridal procession then made its way down to the ceremony where Michael was waiting patiently at the front.

After a lovely service with plenty of emotion from the bridesmaids, Karen and Michael made their exit from the ceremony – I always tell couples to enjoy the exit, don’t rush out and if they want to kiss or hug anyone, that’s great. these guys really took it to heart – it must have taken them 5 minutes to make their way down the aisle, at one point they were at different ends! All good in the end though as we went out into the lovely September sunshine.

After canapes and drinks, we quickly went through the group photos before I took Karen and Michael off for some quick couples shots around the hotel before they made their way into the wedding breakfast. After the meal and speeches, we again made our way out into the lovely evening sunshine while the Ruinart room was prepared for the evening reception.

A few more quick couples portraits in the Havana room, then it was time for the first dance and party – and boy, the party really, really got going! I love it when the party really kicks off, covering the evening dancing is a fun thing to photograph. There’s always a point where perhaps no more can be had if things get a bit too raucous, so after some epic dancing from bridesmaids, partners and guests, it was time for me to head off into the night!

Here are some of my favourites from Karen and Michael’s wedding day – congratulations once again guys!

If you’re getting married at Hotel du Vin Tunbridge Wells, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Hotel du Vin Tunbridge Wells


wedding dress and shoes

bridesmaid getting hair done

bridesmaid doing makeup

makeup pallette

bridesmaid doing own makeup

bride in makeup

bridesmaid admiring hair in mirror


flower in brides hair

bridesmaid doing brides makeup

baby and bridesmaid

bridesmaid hair

baby at wedding

bridesmaid looking at bouquet

Ruinart room Hotel du Vin

groom in bar hotel du vin

groom at hotel du vin

guest hotel du vin bar

bride getting into her dress

bride putting on shoes

father of the bride seeing bride

girl hugging grandad

bride on stairs hotel du vin

bridesmaids on stairs hotel du vin

bridal entrance ruinart room

bridesmaid hotel du vin

ruinart room ceremony

father of the bride

exchange of wedding rings

bride and groom ruinart room

bridesmaids messing around

pageboy ruinart room

bride and groom exit ruinart room

smiling bridesmaid hotel du vin garden

mother of the bride

kid at wedding

bride and groom hotel du vin tunbridge wells

bride and groom hotel du vin

bride and groom hotel du vin staircase

bridal couple garden hotel du vin

ruinart room wedding details

hotel du vin tunbridge wells wedding details

lottery tickets as wedding favours

bride and groom ruinart room entrance

son hugging bride

laughing girl at wedding

grooms speech

groom listening to son's speech

baby and mum

guests in garden hotel du vin

laughing usher

girl at wedding

laughing guest

bride and groom havana room

ruinart room first dance

first dance

ruinart room dancing

wedding guests dancing

girls hugging and crazy bridesmaid

guests dancing

wedding guest breakdancing

kid in pajamas at wedding

crazy dancing at wedding

Hotel du Vin Tunbridge Wells at night

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