Here’s the first part of Cat and Kevin’s wedding from January at Kent’s most popular venue – Cooling Castle Barn. Cat and Kevin’s wedding was a lovely, relaxed family affair with some great personal touches and details, and a great way for me to start my 2015 wedding season!

I joined Cat first thing on a lovely sunny January morning (although we were all a little bit concerned during a few sudden downpours, especially Cat’s bridesmaid who’d just had her hair done then needed to go out in it) for relaxed bridal prep. Cat was so chilled, which always makes a big difference! Cat’s friends were doing her hair and makeup, and her three bridesmaids were also in attanedance, so lots of action and detail shots for me to capture.

During a brief break in the bridal preps, I nipped out to the barn to photograph some of the many details Cat had prepared, plus the ceremony room which looked fantastic as usual. I then quickly met up with Kevin, his son, and the boys for some very quick portraits (registrar was calling!!!) before nipping back to capture the back of Cat’s stunning bespoke Judy Mott dress being fastened. All too soon Cat’s uncle was at the door, and after admiring how beautiful Cat looked, it was time to make our way over for Cat to speak to the registrar herself, and then get the ceremony started!

Cat made her grand entrance down the staircase after all the bridesmaids and little ones, to join Kevin at the front for the lovely ceremony. After the ceremony and the usual paparazzi register signing, Cat and Kevin made the traditional Cooling exit into the main barn.

Come back soon for the last part of their day – in the meantime, here are my favourites from the first part!

If you’re getting married at Cooling Castle Barns and are looking for wedding photography, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Cooling Castle barn

wedding rings

bride and flowergirl

Cooling Castle Wedding (28)

Cooling Castle Wedding (27)

funny bridesmaid at coolling castle

young bridesmaid

bridesmaid in makeup

bride with hairspray

bridal hair

bride hugging friend

bridal prep

bridesmaid putting on earring

groom at cooling castle

bride hugging pageboys

seeing bride for first time

walk to ceremony at cooling castle

granny at wedding

groom waiting for bride at cooling castle

bridesmaids entry cooling castle

bride entry at Cooling Castle

bride walking down aisle at cooling castle

bride being given away at cooling castle

kids watching ceremony at cooling castle

guest at Cooling Castle Wedding

Cooling Castle Wedding kids

Cooling Castle Wedding guest

Cooling Castle Wedding guests

Cooling Castle Wedding children

Cooling Castle Wedding register

Cooling Castle Wedding exit

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