Here’s part one of the epic wedding of Lee and Alex back in September. This wedding was great fun with loads of different parts to the day, so I’ve split it all up to do it justice! Part one covers prep, Chinese Door Games and the Chinese Tea Ceremony.

Lee and Alex were married at Brandshatch Place. If you’re getting married at this fantastic venue, please contact me to discuss your wedding photography!

While Neil joined Alex and the guys for groom prep, I started the day at Brandshatch Place to photograph Lee’s preparations with the groomsmaids. The boys wore traditional Chinese dress for the first part of the day.

brandshatch place

Once Lee was ready, we made our way down to prepare for the Chinese Door Games. Originally, the brides family would try to stop the groom taking the bride away (as they might never see her again). The ceremony has now morphed into one partner being asked to prove their worth of the other, by passing a series of challenges before they are allowed entry to get married. While the groomsmaids got everything ready (including ladies underwear, waxing strips, extra-strong coffee and horseradish/wasabi crackers), Lee took his place to await the start of the ceremony (after a sneaky look at Alex, the boys, and Alex’s parents arriving).

chinese door games

chinese door games at wedding

chinese door games wedding photography

The door games started with the groomsmaids issuing challenges to Alex and the boys, while Lee waited patiently inside (luckily, the ceremonies were also video’d so he did get to see what went on eventually). This was great fun to photograph – some real punishment was handed out, but Alex proved his worth and was eventually allowed through the door to see Lee!

chinese tea ceremony

chinese tea ceremony wedding

chinese tea ceremony wedding photography

Then we moved on to the Tea Ceremony. This ceremony is traditionally used to introduce the two families. to one another. All of the guests filed through into the ceremony room and watched on as Lee and Alex served tea to the most senior family members first. After the tea has been served, gifts are given for the couple.

Once the tea ceremony was concluded, I photographed some traditional Chinese-style group photographs, then some quick portraits of the guys while they were still in their traditional outfits, before they made their way to get changed into their second outfits for the wedding ceremony.

two grooms brandshatch place

Here’s the next part of Lee and Alex’s day so do please continue reading!

All photographs copyright David Burke Photography 2017