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A lot of people don’t like the way they normally look in photos – this is usually because they are being photographed by people with poor equipment, a lack of knowledge of how light affects the image and how to pose people to flatter their figures.

The phrase I hear most often when meeting people for the first time is “I hate having my photograph taken!” so being asked to have two sessions with a photographer sometimes seems like just more torture to them – they are nervous about being with someone they don’t know or they are worried that they’re going to be asked to do ridiculous poses in public!

When I meet clients for a pre-wedding photo shoot it’s all very relaxed – we meet up either somewhere that’s special to you, or somewhere I think makes great pictures and we walk and chat for an hour or so, stopping along the way to make some great images of the two of you.

Meeting with me for a pre-wedding shoot is a great idea, and here are a few reasons why:

– It’s a great way to allay any fears and for you to get in a bit of ‘practice’ before your big day – everyone agrees that within a few minutes any nerves have gone!

– You get to see how a professional photographer gently directs you to make great images. People are very wary of ‘posed’ photos – the second most common thing I hear is “we don’t want to pose”. The fact is, most people want to look their best – and giving very gentle direction helps ensure you look your best, accentuating your best features and hiding any problem areas (whether real or imagined!). It’s only really top models who still look awesome when they stand square on, with their shoulders hunched over and chin pulled down towards their chest! By following a few key pointers, everyone can look a million dollars very quickly.

– You get to know me and we can build up a relationship before we work closely together on your day

After the session, I process the images within a day or two and they’re loaded into your own private gallery. You can then see how great you both look, see the difference between colour, black and white, and any toned effects and tell me any likes or dislikes.

In all my packages, you’ll receive a free 12 x 8 inch print of your choice from your shoot, either un-mounted, mounted or framed – depending on the package – for use as a signing board. Other products are then available – small albums, prints or a DVD of all the final images.

If you are nervous about being photographed, when would you rather experience those nerves and get your fears calmed – months prior to your wedding so that come the wedding day, you are looking forward to being photographed and getting creative, or on the morning itself when you have so much other stuff going on?

Pre-wedding shoots can also be used for other purposes – if you’ve just got engaged, or simply would like some great pictures of the two of you as a couple!

If you’d like to inquire about wedding photography or a stand-alone couples shoot, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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