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Apart from my work as a Kent wedding photographer, I also undertake Kent model portfolio shoots. I prefer to do these out and about rather than in a stilted studio environment. Most new models just don’t have the range of posing skills to make enough variety of a bland studio situation, and the numerous portfolio building studios are a bit like a factory production line and lead to the same shots, in the same lit fake stairs and round circular things (I can’t even describe what this thing is!). Having walls, rails, railings etc. to sit or lean on allows for a lot more variety to the shots.

I met up with Sophie and her mum for a walk around the quieter spots of Tunbridge Wells to allow us to create some great environmental portrait type shots.

If you’d like a model portfolio shoot, please contact me!

model portfolio kent (1)

model portfolios kent (2)

kent model portfolio (3)

kent model portfolio (4)

David Burke is a leading Kent wedding, portrait, boudoir and model photographer who works on location using a variety of lighting techniques – from natural light to flash – to create stunning images.

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