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Here are a few images from a recent pregnancy bump shoot. We started off with some natural light shots with the subject clothed but with bump out, then moved onto stylized shots using flash.

My subject really got into her stride and her nerves faded away, until we ended up with the shots you see here and minimal clothing! To ease anyone’s fears about baring the flesh, I demonstrated the pose I was looking for (an ice breaker in itself !!) and then let the subject ready herself before returning to my camera position – this means that your modesty is preserved!

All these images were created without a backdrop, in someone’s living room – you don’t need loads of space or studio equipment to create these stylized shots. A 2hr shoot meant we had lots of different looks, including siblings (not shown for privacy reasons), and costs just £40, including one free 7 x 5 print!
For those interested in the technical details, these were created using the high speed synch setting on the flashguns, which allows you to use extremely fast shutter speeds (these were at 1/4000th of a second) rather than the normal 1/200th or 1/250th. This means that virtually no natural light is allowed to register, hence the black background.
All images copyright David Burke Photography 2010

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