By: David On: May 21, 2010 In: Berkshire wedding photography Comments: 0

I’m just getting ready for tomorrow’s wedding at Hunton Park – a fantastic venue, no rain predicted and most of all a fantastic couple!

I take my planning seriously, as nothing can be left to chance for a couples big day. Preparations for a typical wedding include:

  • charging numerous batteries (6 camera batteries, 30 rechargeable flash batteries and 2 videolight batteries)
  • formatting 130gb of flash cards
  • checking all cameras, synchronising their time and date if necessary
  • cleaning all lenses
  • re-checking the final plans of the day including timings, must have shots etc.
  • printing hard copies of all directions (even though I use SatNav)
  • Checking off all equipment to ensure it’s packed – including 2 camera bags, tripod, monopod, stepladders (not the tallest photographer in the world so they come in handy!!), reflectors, 3 flashstands, silver and white umbrellas, portable softbox, videolight
  • I even check over the car – oil, water and tyres (just like my dad taught me to every week!)

So lot’s to do today, will hopefully have a few sneak-peak pictures for the blog on Sunday!

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