I’m David. I want to tell you a little bit about me, and how my passion for wedding photography got started.

I’m Welsh, but I now live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Yes, I’m afraid I do love watching rugby, not such a big fan of singing though (well, if people are listening anyway!)

I love wedding photography as it allows me a chance to document the story of the day, photographing those little moments and interactions that you may not notice, remember or even see. I love the fact that I get to capture a big part of the history of your families – one of my favourite moments was after a bridal portrait of a bride in her family’s generations-old veil. She then told me that when the veil was put away, every bride put a picture of them wearing the veil  in the box with it, for the next recpient to see. It’s moments like that that make this such a worthwhile, important job and one that I’m honoured to do for my couples.

My passion for photography started many years ago – having the stunning, bleak, rugged landscape of the Brecon Beacons near my hometown of Cardiff led to a lifelong love of black and white landscape photography.

Landscape photography is all about composition and working with the available light to create dynamic and dramatic pictures. Working in black and white meant a different way of thinking about a picture; bringing out the textures and structural elements rather than relying on the colours for visual impact.

The techniques I learnt in landscape work proved to be an invaluable base for wedding photography. I still love black and white for its ability to bring drama and impact – sometimes colour can be a distraction – and use it when it will add to the picture. Black and white generally works well with the more photojournalistic images (I guess those of us of a certain age still think of gritty, black and white photos in newspapers!). Sometimes of course, those vibrant colours really add to the picture and story of your wedding day, so I judge each picture individually, and the process them accordingly.

Similarly, I’m not scared of creative lighting techniques (using flash and video light where necessary) and will use them when they add to the moment.

I’ll use all of these skills on your wedding photography – working quietly and efficiently in the background, delivering stunning wedding photos you’ll cherish for years to come.

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